Measure Cards

Discover Chinese measure words

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I wanted to build a simple iOS app to learn about iOS development, and build something that I felt would be useful to me when I was learning Chinese. Chinese measure words seemed like a great place to start, and with that this app was born!

Measure Cards is a simple iOS app that organizes Chinese measure words into nine high level categories. There are examples and example sentences for each measure word, tone colors for each, and options for phonetic system and character set.

Main features

  • Chinese measure words broken down into 9 categories
  • Examples and example sentences for each measure word
  • Tone colors for each measure word
  • Choice of phonetic system and character set

Categories included

  • Household
  • Actions
  • Vehicles
  • Entertainment
  • Time
  • Buildings
  • Nature
  • Daily Life
  • People

Character set options

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

Phonetic system options

  • Pinyin with tone marks (pīn​yīn​)
  • Pinyin with tone numbers (pin1yin1)
  • Zhuyin (ㄅㄆㄇㄈ)


Track your workouts

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Reps was built to solve a simple problem–scheduling and adding any kind of workout from a variety of offline and online sources. I wanted to collect them all in a single place for tracking, while making it easy to schedule and see my progress over time.


  • Add workouts and schedule by date or recurring on week days.
  • Rate a workout, track progress and add notes when completing a workout.
  • See stats over time–such as number of minutes worked out, calories burned and more.
  • View charts to see how you’re progressing over time.
  • Workouts and preferences are synced between devices–simply add a workout on iPhone and have it show on your iPad and vice versa.

En route to fluency

On the path of language learning

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En Route to Fluency is a blog I started that documented and followed my progress over time as I learned Chinese. My goals were to articles across a variety of topics: Entertainment, Food, Games, History, Humor, Literature and more. I also shared some of my experiences studying and living abroad, study tips and tricks, and anything else that comes up along the journey.